Weekly Love

Unfortunately, my iPhone went ‘kaput!’ the other day so the pictures I wanted to share are currently unaccessable. Sad face.

This week has been okay. I went to the funeral of a good friends best friend and it was a really lovely service and they talked about things. They talked about depression, how the mental health sector needs more love and the man he was before his depression hit. It was nice to see faces of people I remember when I was younger at my sisters house parties. The situation is beyond awful but knowing he is at peace is comforting. I talk about depression sometimes but I really want to make it a conversation. I’d rather combat the fact that it’s such a taboo subject.

After months of admiring my work mates nails I finally got my first shellac experience. It was quick, my nails look amazing and it was only $28.00 which is fantastic. I’ve been looking at my nails like ‘You really need to be fixed’ for some time now so it felt good to get it done. They’re pink, shimmery and they make me feel very happy.

I went to the library the other day, paid my fine and got pretty much the same books as I got out last year. David Sedaris is so damn funny and his books are really fun to read. I spent about an hour just wondering around and looking at different books and enjoyed being in my own company.

When I was 17 I bought my first Marbig journal and I’ve been writing in them ever since. I finished my last journal right before Christmas and hadn’t got around to getting a new one. I love writing and aside from on here I never do it much. It’s bright yellow and I’m looking forward to it.

This weekend is a lazy one and I can’t wait to eat something that isn’t take aways! I’m ready to shed the weight I’ve put on because being out of shape makes me hella miserable. There is nothing worse than trying on clothes and having nothing at all fit or looking really fucking frumpy in things that would usually look well fitted.


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