Weekly Love

After spending the better half of the week sick as a dog I am officially on the mend. Sinus infections are the bane of my existence so I’m thankful to see the back of it. I had a really cool doctor which made the whole appointment so much better. Instead of offering me nicotine substitutes (which are the absolute worst) he reminded me of the financial side. He told me that every time I got paid it would be better if I put my cigarette money in my savings because the tobacco company is taking my money which is funding their livelihood not mine which is a reality I’m been ignorant of. JP and I got cigarettes from duty free as a thank you for taking care of Mya and aside from Friday night I’ve been a very, very good girl. There is an unopened pack in my hand bag. Lets see how long this lasts!

As soon as I heard on the radio that Queen Bey had a secretive snippet on her instagram  I knew it had to be a new album and what do you know! It has been on rotation since I bought it and it’s the first album since Tyler, The Creator released Wolf that I’ve listened to from start to finish and loved every single song. I used to be on the edge of my seat every time an artist released something new so unless it’s widely publicised I wouldn’t have a damn clue.

Eating healthier has been on our cards for a really long time. We stop and start all the time and damn it makes life hard. I’m not going to lie – I really do not like how I’ve stopped taking care of myself.  For the past two years we’ve eaten terribly and nothing really changes for long. On Tuesday last week I sat at the computer for two or so hours coming up with a new menu so we’ll eat better and it has started off okay. Last night I made us double cheese burgers (the patties were very slim), swiss cheese with portobello mushrooms as the buns. A portobello mushroom cap has 22 calories whereas a whole burger bun can go up to 200 calories. Simple swaps + mushrooms are delicious.

Game of Thrones
I’m so very late to the party but damn, it’s good. One of my work mates has just started watching it as well so it’s nice to have someone to watch it with and not have it spoiled.



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