Weekly Love


On Monday after doing my morning jobs I went out to my dads to walk Brax. I’ve been waiting so long for my dad and step Ma to get a dog and it is so nice to have him. The first time I met him I heard him before I saw him. When I came in through the gate he came out on the deck and we stared at each other while he wagged his tail. He is the biggest cuddle bug and the easiest pup to walk. Seeing him makes me feel instantly good. Now I wait until I have a pup of my own.

Little things: getting up and doing things; having a bit of time to myself; Friday drinks; getting to the gym; walking to work; cooking new things (tonight I’m making tabbouleh!); merino track pants; seeing the harbour from my couch; curry dates; the promise of Spring making its way through and taking every opportunity I possibly can.


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