Adventures in Weightloss


On Sunday JP and I went to the gym. Now, first off I couldn’t get that image horizontal and it’s annoying so I’m sorry. Second of all, I’ve been using JPs parents scale for the past wee while and well, I finally got to use the digital one at the gym. It honest to god reminds me of the ones at the vet that they weigh fat Labradors on. Anyway, what’s up, I’ve gained 4-5kgs. After comfortably sitting in the early 80’s I’ve reached a new milestone – the heaviest I’ve ever been. A bit of weightloss history for you:

– fat as a child

– so fat as a child I got terrible tummy aches and was ordered off all fat and sugar (bye bye milo and chicken 2 minute noodles!)

– lost weight in highschool

– gained weight back

– lost weight in early twenties and lost more weight after a crappy heart break

– met JP and put on 15kgs in 2.5 years

Oops! Now this is not JP’s fault but it’s so easy to gained weight when you fall in love. Going out on dates, beers, late night pizza, late night McDonald’s, double dinners on big nights out ETC! I used to smash out two hours in the gym a day so I was in pretty good shape. Now I’m going to work my ass off to get back there.

I’m going to track my weightloss every Wednesday in hopes with making me more accountable for my health. Weight loss was one of the four goals I set myself this year so fingers crossed that it sticks!


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