Adventures in Weightloss pt 2


Yas gurl I made some progress! I don’t hate doing exercise so  walking to work isn’t such a tax. Have I mentioned I hate smelly buses piled in with people? We had stock take on Wednesday so instead of walking I went to the gym instead. Back in the day I used to do two hours at the gym most days and I felt so much clearer mentally. Plus, my new job is right next to a gym so even when the weather is gloomy I can’t really excuse myself.

My eating has been pretty atrocious this week. I didn’t plan out our groceries properly so it meant I ate a lot of fatty take aways but in saying that I ate good when I could. I kept a log and it was basically takeaways, chips and the occasional home cooked meal. It is my goal this week to log every thing on My Fitness Pal. For real though, my eating has been like this:

2 pieces soy and linseed toast
Can of baked beans
2 poached eggs
1 vanilla energize up and go
2 pieces vogels with avo
Small piece of cake

Footlong ham sub
Meatballs and pasta
Chocolate and lollies

Meat and veg turn over and a v
Savoury bagel and chips
Chicken and rice
2 choc almond bars
3/4 bag of marshmallows

1 almond choc bar
Stir fry

ETC ETC. As you can see, I got bored of logging it all. But I need to relax on the treats for real.


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