Weekly Love

imageWeeks have been blurring into one right now and holy shit it’s now AUGUST! I feel as though I’m right where I should be, yknow? I’ve made some changes and I’m so excited to do new shit! It’s weird on Sunday I felt like I had revisited some part of my younger self in a drunken state over the weekend. When I was the happiest (in saying that I’m not unhappy) I was nurturing my extroverted soul by going out lots, getting dressed up and having so much fun. I’m glad I’m not 21 anymore though. I love the growth that has come with being 26. I feel like I’m a lot more aware of shit and a lot less selfish. I love that I’m more accountable for my being and that I’ve dropped the blame game. I still have a lot more growing to do but I’m slowly growing into someone I’m proud of. I guess in time you just take little parts of each chapter of your life to complete the happiness puzzle.

Little things: having my two fave people in the entire universe getting along really well; me and Aimee’s weeknight routine and dying laughing; being inside while it’s so damn cold; planning summer in my head; having windows in my room; drunk phone calls to people I miss; Sunday roasts at dads; hanging out with Brax; Hurricanes winning the final; online shopping (hell-o Onceit!); and chicken and Uncle Ben’s pilau rice!


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