Adventures in weightloss pt 3


Yes, hello and welcome to another week of ‘Adventures in Weightloss’. As you can see this week is not like previous weeks scale pic. I have done what I always do at week 3 – fall off of the band wagon. Fuck. I was doing very well and then I got sick. Then all there was to eat in the house was Chinese take aways then we went drinking then I ate three different types of takeaways in two days then the rugby final was on and we went drinking again. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself on Sunday plus I fell down my stairs (lol) on the way home and hurt my shin. Did you know your shin bone is not your tibia? Yeah, neither.

Anyway, I took the above photo this morning while I was getting ready. I was meant to walk to work and we were meant to go to the gym. Well, it was cold and I wanted to stay in bed with JP and I finished work really late so we didn’t go to the gym. Excuses I know.

What have I learnt from this experience:

– treats and drinking are okay. Just don’t have a bender and eat pizza, BK, McDonalds and battered sausages in 24 hours.

– Winter is cold. Walking keeps you warm. Catching the bus costs $40 odd dollars a week.

-Meal and snack prep is so important. One day last week I had hummus and crackers and Tom and Luke’s peanut butter and cacao bliss balls and it was amazing.

– There is five months till Summer and I need to fit cute clothes (coz last Summer I didn’t)


16 thoughts on “Adventures in weightloss pt 3

    • Haha I used to be so good at bullshitting myself so being honest helps. Thanks for the positive message girl xx right back at ya. Got to keep on keeping on!

  1. I know how it is when you fall off. I recently got sick and couldn’t do what I usually do either. The main thing is to get back on it. I hope your journey continues to go well. I am also on a fitness journey as well. Please check out my latest post when you have the chance 😊.

    • Thanks heaps girl! Yes of course. It’s strange I get a lot of traffic with my Weightloss progess (well ‘nogress’ currently) so it’s nice to know everyone feels the same!

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