Weekly Love


Yesterday was a bit bittersweet coz I finished up at my job. It was weird though because it didn’t feel like I was leaving but here I am. I’ve got three days off before I start back into office life and I’m looking forward to the standard 9-5 Monday to Friday life.

ANYWAY – it’s been a good few weeks. Sort of. Our dad and step mum picked Lauren and I up last Thursday and we went to my Uncles funeral. It was sad and horrible. My uncle and aunt fostered over 100 kids and were always there for anyone that needed them. They used to put on big Sunday roasts and whoever wanted to join was welcome. It was by far one of the saddest but simultaneously one of the most beautiful services I’ve ever been to.

Last Saturday we got to see Mya the Husky and her new brother  Tyson the Rottweiler for a few hours and it was so much fun! It was nicer than going out to town and watched the All Blacks cane the Wallabies.

This week I’m focusing on developing a good routine. I’ve promised myself a new sports bra and sneakers to wear for the gym considering most of my gear is on its last legs.

Little things: the present consisting of beer, chocolate and coffee from the girls at work; waking up with the sun on my face, the sweet welcome home I get from Loki; seeing people I love write about their struggles with depression (the more we talk about it the less of a stigma there is); WOAP at Sterling; Carnita tacos at La Boca Loca; Scream (it’s corny af and very modernised but good); Jane the Virgin; Aimee shouting me Hells after a shitty day; seeing people pass through on my weightloss posts (Hi! I get excited every time I see an orange dot on the notification bell!); being able to dry laundry on the line; day light savings approaching and slightly warmer days; seeing my extended family; and even though I hate the thought at the time – walking to and from work.


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