Weekly Love


Holy shit time flies! I opened this to write and WordPress alerted me that today is my six year anniversary! How crazy. I used to start blogs then just delete them but this one has managed to stick. Stoked.

Anyway, this weekend was nuts and I drank too much and there was a lot of family drama so when Aimee and Loki walked in the door this evening I felt so relieved. Having your childhood best friend around when everything feels shitty is the best. We watched Scream Queens and are currently both dying in bed because I may have given us both food poisoning. That’s what friends are for, right? This is one of the best ideas we’ve had because her being there reminds me that everything is okay always and if not, then we still have each other.

LittleĀ things: Drake and Rihanna getting back together; finally buying new bras; going for a good proper shop; Onceit; going to the markets; not being incredibly cold; having a three day weekend; having Saturday off; being able to yell out to Aimee coz she sleeps next door; my sister despite how fucking weird our relationship is sometimes; Milly Bobby Brown from Stranger Things rapping; and early nights.


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