Weekly Love

imageI’m started writing this from beautiful Mt Ruaopehu ski field in Ohakune but my phone died – go figure. JP checked the weather and since it was forecast for great weather we took a quick road trip up. This is also the first time I’ve been to the snow!!! Accommodation is pretty hard to come by but we managed to stay at this kooky house with this guy who rents out his rooms over the ski season. The best part? His very affectionate ginger cat, Spaghetti, who we fell in love with.

Its always good to get out of your routine and do stuff. I know that sounds vague but when you’re in the same work, sleep and eat cycle I’m in then getting out is good. I’m currently on the couch with Aimee and Loki chilling out and I’m forever greatful to come home to these two.

Little things: JP for being forever generous in many ways (head out of the gutter ploise); Kath and Kim; buying way too much shit on Onceit; Ohakune; cooking for the first time in a week; Rereading radical self love; and my own company


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