Weekly Love


We’ve jumped between gray skies and sunshine this week. It’s been so bloody nice especially because it’s annoying when it’s still light out and it’s raining. Wednesday was beautiful so we went to the pub and had some beers followed by the best steak meal ever. We went out for dinner and drinks on Friday and it was the first time we didnt get ~loose~ in a long time. Saturday was so productive and we drove around heaps, went to dressmart, walked Brax then got the rest for the rum bottling (btw – amazing) We all slept in till 10 this morning (unheard of coz I usually wake naturally around 7) Then milled around.

Little things: only a few more weeks till our holiday; not hating my job or work mates; the fraudulent document course we’re doing this week; cooking for the week; clean sheets (just made my bed 🙌🏼); living with Loki and Aimee; American Horror Story: Coven (half watched while cooking); My Favourite Murder, This American Life etc); Kath and Kim; and avocado on toast.


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