Weekly Love


Thank fuck it’s a long weekend! I’ve been hanging out for this for far too long. Only 9 more weeks till our holiday which I can stick out. It’s kinda funny how we talk about how fast the year goes when a couple of days ago Aimee and I were just talking about how long we had been at our new place and it felt like 6 months but I think it’s been 3-4 months?

JP stayed all weekend and it felt good to get up and do shit. In my older years I’ve taken to waking up super early. I love having a cigarette, coffee and listen to a podcast before the day really starts. I cleaned our place on Saturday, we ran some errands, went to the park and had some drinks then ate bolognase a la JP. We started watching Fargo (oh yaah) but I could barely keep my eyes open. Yesterday I went to the gym, we packed a picnic and got drunk with our friends at the Botanical Gardens then came home and kicked it. Today is a chill day. I definitely identify as an extrovert but I love not having to socialise sometimes. I also managed to clean my room! Feels so good to have my room rearranged.

Little things: visits from Percy the kaka; Rimmel lasting finish foundation; 9 weeks till our holiday; quick walks to work; having a clean house; warmer weather; My Favourite Murder (all I listen to I swear); the mother ducks and their babies at the botanical gardens; and getting to the gym


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