Weekly Love

img_6558My first proper week back at work has been nuts. I think it’s going to be a quiet day and that I’ll get work that I’ve been going nuts about for ages done. On the contrary! Friday I managed to get some work done and sort myself out a bit. Such a good feeling. I literally ran out of the place when it hit ten to five! Aimee picked me up after work and we went and saw Lala Land. I was so impressed and left the movie feeling a kind of happy I haven’t felt in a while. Despite living together we don’t spend a lot of quality BFF time so it was nice to a) not drink b) do something I literally never do and c) hang out. I mean, our bedrooms are right next door to each other and we chat but we also respect each other’s personal space.

Little things: eating really good; getting my fringe trimmed; Lala Land; My Favourite Murder; buying exercise leggings for the first time (revolutionary); Waitoa roast chickens; my job; good workouts; ‘cassh me outside howbow dah’; chicken and rice balls; buying fresh peaches and nectarines everyday; peppermint and apple blackcurrant teas; getting to the gym all by myself; coffee, lazy days in bed and long weekends


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