Weekly Love


💕Lying in bed listening to SZA with the sun on my face, a cup of coffee and JP snoozing next to me
💕Making lists for our New Years holiday
💕Exercising – 2 walks and 2 gym sessions and remembering it’s not hard to do it just hard to get through the doors and I feel SO GOOD
💕 Making Laksa from scratch!
💕 Having a quiet week at work – nice to have less stress
💕 My team who are awesome which makes working so much easier
💕 TV marathons + laughing heaps with my bestest
💕Empty buses
💕 Doing Junk Free June which has made me really look at what I’m eating
💕 Reflecting on what I’ve become – it’s so nice to leave sad, negative, empty Anna behind
💕 Dog snapchats of the office dog from my non-dog loving sister (I think she has converted)
💕Having a beautiful sunny Saturday
💕Looking at our future
💕Bon Appetit’s website – I could spend all day on there
💕Having the lights fixed at my place


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