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Summer wish list – BASICS

In the past year I have thrown out nearly my entire wardrobe. I have some things in my wardrobe that I still love and am waiting on some weight loss to be able to fit. We all have things that we can’t part with but 90% of my wardobe was things I bought when I worked in a clothing store and only bought because it was cheap and I couldn’t afford to spend a lot on my wardobe not because I really loved it. I have been super inspired by The Anna Edit (maybe it’s something in the name) but I LOVE her simplistic sense of style and her capsule wardrobe. Not quite sure if I’m going in the capsule wardrobe direction myself but after a lot of thought about what I want to wear this summer (also my frustration at every blog I read being in another hemisphere) Fun fact: many moons ago when I applied for a job at said clothing store they asked me to describe my style and I said ‘Current Taylor Swift’ haha oh the shame! 

As I have gotten older, I’m all about plain and simple. I want jeans, t-shirts and a nice pair of shoes. I want comfort and style (and they say you can’t have it all!) after spending my early 20’s in stiletto’s, and very bright, tights dresses,  I have definitely toned it down a lot. I’ve been trying to incorporate some lighter colours into my wardrobe but I am very selective because not everything I like comes in a colour I like so black is the default. I haven’t shopped in a while (over a year aside from black jeans) but I’m getting to the point where I need to start desperately get a good idea of what I want to wear this summer. I’ve been working on losing weight for as long as I remember but since I’ve been a lot more focused on my health over weight loss. I’m 3kgs down (!) and feeling really determined to reach the 10kg weightloss goal I have set for myself. This is what I have planned for my base wardrobe.



I haven’t owned a teeshirt that is flattering in a long time. I find it pretty natural to go back to what I know and my favourite teeshirts are the Mali AS colour teeshirt. I have owned this in loads of colours and it was the first item I really thought of when I was thinking of a wardrobe rebuild. It’s loose fitting, the shape is super flattering with a curved hem and it has my preferred round neck as anything too high just gets make up on it. One of my favourite things about AS colour is that they do bulk buys so I could buy 6 teeshirts (2 white, 3 different grays and 1 black) for $180. Bargain! Another highlight is that they last ages and wash really, really well. Since I’m incredibly pale and burn very easily I have to stick to things that cover my shoulders from 10am – 6:30pm in the Summer because otherwise I get burnt very quickly and applying suncream every 30-60 minutes is super laborious and not very realistic. Anything like this and this are right up my alley! I love cute singlet tops but as summer is all about being outside I have to be super, super careful otherwise my shoulders will burn to a crisp (this has happened before and it was incredibly painful!)



I used to have a pair of shorts (slash still do but I can’t get them past my knees!) just like these and I am 100% going to try on (alongside a boatload of body confidence). I just really don’t feel that strongly about shorts these days but hey, as long as I am not chaffing – I’m good amirite? However, it’s nice to have nice shorts and I love a nice pair of denim shorts. As I said, I’ve been feeling SUPER conscious of my legs right now so I have also considered toughing it out in a pair of these (which I am predicting will come in at least 10 washes) or these (or even THIS!) just because I’d rather look good in something different rather than look terrible in something that works for someone else. As for jeans, I am looking at a pair of these, these or these after my boyfriend jeans turned to shit but will most definitely stick with my tried and true black skinny jeans. I really love a light denim for summer and it works so well with pretty white tops. Cross your fingers that I can fit into these again!


shoe 1

I haven’t owned a pair of sneakers in a really long time because I always feel like I look like a child when I do wear them. I’ve been missing have a cool pair of nice sneakers and I’m leaning towards a pair of the classic black low-top Converse or Vans. I have very wide feet so I hope like hell that I can wear these bad boys in without having any issues!




Pea Pesto

For the past month or two I have been eating with JP every night. We have had a reasonably good work out routine recently so it just makes sense that we eat at my house. Unfortunately Rosie the Robot (his car named after the Jetsons of course!) had exhaust issues so I ate on my lonesome this evening. 

Have I mentioned how much I love Bon appetit magazine? I spend a decent amount of time browsing through their website for meal inspiration and have been blown away with what I have made from there. I went through this and decided it was the day I would bite the bullet and make pesto. The funny thing was that Aimee also had pasta an pesto for dinner. I relaxed on the olive oil because I knew the peas would produce some moisture. This is the perfect Summer evening meal that requires little to no effort and is best served lukewarm. 


  • 2 cups of frozen mint peas 
  • 3 Tblsp extra virgin olive oil 
  • Half a cup of Parmesan 
  • 1-2 cloves garlic
  • Generous heap of salt
  • 1 -2 tsp of lemon juice

Blanch a cup of the peas in boiling hot water until tender. Add all the ingredients into a blender until smooth. Add the other cup of frozen peas and blitz until smooth. 

September Favourites

The month of September has flown by. I mean, honestly it all does when your days start to look the same! I started off with a really good eating plan and started doing really well – success! Then, out of left field a sinus infection hit me and a week of eating noodles and processed packet food really screwed with me and now I’m back at square one. If there is anything having a sinus infection for the umpteenth time is that I need to deal with stress better (and quit smoking obviously) Being sick always reminds me of what is truly important in life rather than fretting over work.



I tried a new oil cleanser after being obsessed with a Japanese one JP’s mum gave me and all I can say is WOW. The Tailor Oil Cleanse is my new go-to cleanser. This is truly luxurious with epic make up removing and pimple deflating power. I was lucky enough to purchase it on the cheap during a OnceIt sale (bonus that one of my co-workers had bought something on there and I had a $20 voucher!) I’ve been using it since mid August and I haven’t even reached half way yet (I use 5-6 pumps to remove my make up and 2-3 when I’m not wearing make up). If you are using a face oil, it’s always good to use a face cloth coz it does leave some residue as well as a good toner up around your hair line. The times I have used a toner, I haven’t removed much extra. I am also LOVING the Essano Fig and Jasmine body wash. It has this beautiful grown up scent that reminds me of the Health Basics body wash and moisturiser sets that we would get my mum for Christmas. For the past 4 months I have been using Mario Badescu lip balm (it is ONLY $6 at Mecca Maxima!!!!) and again, this is something that I will always keep in my handbag. It softens your lips and dries up the gross left over parts (which I am terrible at pulling off) I also received a free beauty blender when I bought my Rimmel foundation and this has also been a massive game changer. I definitely have used more of the bottle than I usually would  but it has made SUCH a difference to my foundation application. How did I survive without these products? I will never know. Can you tell that I’m not really big on trends? Haha!



As soon as I knew My Favorite Murder was coming to New Zealand I was IN! It was also the perfect opportunity for me to use up my passes with JP (yknow when they drag you to places you don’t want to go….) We both really enjoyed it and it was such a fun evening. It was so much more than I would have expected and they are just SO NICE and hilarious. We went to Toktok for dinner beforehand and it all BLEW MY MIND. Not only coz it was super spicy but it was one of the most delicious meal out I’d had in ages. They had really cool touches  around the restaurant and was one of my favourite parts of the trip. It was just a fleeting visit though since I’m not a massive fan of Auckland City. I’m not going to lie, Takapuna was the pretty nice and we were literally a 2-3 minute walk from the Bruce Mason Centre where it was held. I took the rest of the week off and it was so good to just have a bit of time to myself and be able to relax at home. We have also been on so many walks recently and I managed to go up Te Ahumairangi Hill  a few Sundays ago. It wasn’t a very nice day but I was overwhelmed at the amount of land that I was unaware of. The initial hill is a real ass kicker but the rest isn’t too awful. Also – dogs. I saw at least 9 and it was awesome (of course!)



This recipe is such a game changer!!!! I haven’t eaten anything this delicious in a long time and it is a firm advocate that eating in can be both easy and delicious. We went out for dinner twice last week (I know – too spoiled) and both times was horrendous. There is nothing worse than paying $60 odd dollars on dinner for two and have it taste TERRIBLE. Fortunately we are indeed surrounded by a lot of stellar restaurants in Wellington. I’m not a massive food snob, but when I do go out to eat I expect to get something better than what I could cook myself. Isn’t that the point anyway? I am also looking forward to eating this on Saturday which is quite possibly the most DELICIOUS pasta ever! We always double the sauce and I think everyone needs this dish in their life. Also – above is the Kaffir Lime Chicken that blew our minds. I can’t rate this place highly enough!



You know, my work outs have been pretty non-existant so I made the choice to cancel my gym membership. I have reconsidered going to another gym but right now, nothing makes me more deflated that going to the gym. I’ve been getting myself back into gear in this last wee while with our on and off walks around the bay and a few at home work outs. I figure if I’m doing something I feel uncomfortable doing there’s no point in doing it (well, no shit Anna) It’s probably something I’ll reconsider when I get back into it but hey, who knows. I’ve been doing pretty well in the weight loss department. I will write more later on in the week about the changes I have been making. I’m 3kgs down and I am stoked! People have even noticed which is so thrilling.

Photos: face oil 


Weekly Love


Last night I had the best night out in forever! One of my really good friends and her boyfriend are leaving for London in a couple days so about 20 of us met up for a classic BYO! I had gone to school with and worked with a majority of them (we all cleaned after school and the money was fantastic) so even after all of these years, it was still the same. It’s such a shame that after being geographically close, you don’t hang out then when they leave it’s shitty because you kick your damn self each time! If there is one thing being older has taught me is that everyone is terrible at catching up but we need to make a more conscious effort to do so! Anyway, I  had planned on getting home around 10 but it felt too impersonal to just leave so JP joined us at a pirate themed bar (!), followed by the first half of the Hurricanes game then home at 2:30am. It was the best night ever and it was so nice because everyone was still so nice.

Little things: Loki getting a hair cut; getting sunshine after a very wet week; going to the dog beach and getting some sun in; naps after a week of shit sleep; Two Faced Natural Love palette; having the server at work down for a couple of hours; having a fantastic manager; having Aimee back home; electric blankets; fabric softener; salt and vinegar popcorn (it’s the BEST!); ‘uhhh this might sound weird but um can I use your lip balm?’; Mario Badescu lip balm (10/10); writing these lists; My Favourite Murder; and sweet, sweet sleep!

Weekly Love


💕Lying in bed listening to SZA with the sun on my face, a cup of coffee and JP snoozing next to me
💕Making lists for our New Years holiday
💕Exercising – 2 walks and 2 gym sessions and remembering it’s not hard to do it just hard to get through the doors and I feel SO GOOD
💕 Making Laksa from scratch!
💕 Having a quiet week at work – nice to have less stress
💕 My team who are awesome which makes working so much easier
💕 TV marathons + laughing heaps with my bestest
💕Empty buses
💕 Doing Junk Free June which has made me really look at what I’m eating
💕 Reflecting on what I’ve become – it’s so nice to leave sad, negative, empty Anna behind
💕 Dog snapchats of the office dog from my non-dog loving sister (I think she has converted)
💕Having a beautiful sunny Saturday
💕Looking at our future
💕Bon Appetit’s website – I could spend all day on there
💕Having the lights fixed at my place

Weekly Love

IMG_6978.JPGI’m back! From yknow, life and stuff. I’m in the best place I’ve been in years. It’s been hard yakka but I’m happily enjoying the fruits of my labour. If I could look back and show my 19 year old self this life, I’m sure she would’ve been amazed. The reason I say my 19 year old self is because that is when I was having the worst of times. Who would’ve thought!

Anyway, I’ve missed writing. Sometimes I feel nothing writing these posts but I remember why I do it – I love looking back and seeing what I’ve been up to. Two weeks ago I turned 27 (I think it was 2 weeks ago?) I’m feeling proud of myself. I’ve nearly paid off all of my debt (I’d say roughly $6000) in the past 2-3 years. I’ve got $2000 to go and it feels SO GOOD. It was a hard lesson to learn but I’m really glad I went through it. It’s taught me the value of money, how important it is to have money saved and savings goals. It taught me that living with debt means sacrifices and having to miss out a lot because of it. It also taught me how to survive on virtually nothing, but hey let’s hope those days are over. How amazing is that, though? I’ve set myself a savings goal to reach within a year so I will have a nice ‘fuck off fund’ to help, should I need it!

It doesn’t stop there! JP and I have been together for 3 years as of January -April (hazy on the time) He’s my driving force when I lose stamina and loves me regardless. It’s really great being in love with someone you like and can be yourself around. He’s chilled me out and made me realise that I’m bigger than I think I am (not talking about weight here)

My job is still going really well. I’ve never really ‘thrived’ in admin roles but my team is awesome and I love being there.

I’m still working on the weight loss part. It’s almost comical that I started tracking weight loss but it never really came to anything. I’ve been doing Junk Free June and it’s really made me think about my eating habits. Stopping and asking yourself ‘is this junk food?’ is a really big eye opener. I’m working on eating more fruit and vegetables. This week is when I get back to the gym!

Little things: grilled chicken noodle salad from Nam D; having some sun on my skin today; catching up with old friends; Sex and the City (obsessed!!!); I bought JP and I tickets to My Favourite Murder in September; AND we have booked an epic week away in Kaiteriteri for New Years; watching my debt dwindle; nice Sunday drives; fresh pasta; Bon Apetetit’s Facebook page; Tony Moly lip sticks; Too Faced Natural Love palette; dry cleaned coats; waking up early; dog beach; staying in on rainy days; living with my best friend and laughing constantly; Loki who is annoying AND loveable; talking to my sister sporadically; and JP (of course!)

Mental Health Mondays


A brief overview before I start: I have been living with depression my whole life. At 19 I was diagnosed and at 21 I decided to really do something about it. Here are things I do and have done for years that help.

Ever since I have started this blog (4 years ago now) I have been practising gratitude. Even before that my journals are riddled with things I love and things I’m looking forward to.

Its hella simple. Each night before you go to bed, write down THREE things you enjoyed about your day from coffee to seeing a friend ETC.

After that, another THREE things you’re looking forward to from getting a goodnight sleep to listening to your favourite album.