A Beautiful Mess photo app

I am 100% obsesses with the “a beautiful mess” app! Here are a few of my fave pics so far.

o say everyone at work loves coffee is an understatement. A bunch of us went out after Ras’ birthday lunch and went to one of our favourite places (Customs on Ghuznee) and tried the new coffee from Yemen.

 was having epic ice cream cravings on Saturday night so I snuck down to the dairy and got a childhood favourite (choc bar) then devoured it in bed.20130630-001020.jpg
ur maintenance guy Denis is a total trooper and posed for this. So funny.

20130702-152341.jpgI wasn’t feeling amazing last night and Roo was scheduled to stay over (I haven’t seen her in a YEAR!) so we sat on the couch for several hours and watched t.v. So good to have you back!20130702-152359.jpgI walked home in the rain last week and got soaked!20130702-152418.jpgYes…..I know……chips…. I can’t quit them. I’d rather spend a little bit longer at the gym and eat them. So, so good.20130702-152431.jpgMy new co-worker is also an ENFP so we have had a lot of lols and have mutually driven the accountant m e n t a l.20130702-152445.jpgYou want to know how I do 6am cardio. This is my dirty little secret.20130702-152509.jpgMy flat mate bought some sausages on special and so kindly made me breakfast on Saturday morning. It was so good. I can’t remember the last time I had sausages (I miss them!)20130630-000959.jpgAnd this guy. Holy. Makes me laugh so damn much and has been a huuuuge support during those shit times. She is one of four I would die without!