Healthy Truths

IMG_4666.JPGAfter taking two weeks off I decided to walk home today. I had a terrible sleep the night before and pushing myself to the limit wasn’t in my best interest. During this walk I got to thinking about working out and eating healthy. Some of these are semi double ups but bare with me. Positive affirmations and truths make the harder, shittier stuff much easier for the brain to digest.

1. If you want to get into shape you need to work for it otherwise you’ll be in the same space you started and will end up feeling crappy for not changing anything.

2. Your gym membership payment is just a donation if you don’t go.

3. The thought of doing exercise and eating healthy is harder than the act itself. Challenge your brain.

4. Eating healthier and working out only does good things for your body and brain
5. Working out is hard work but so worth it
6. Keeping in shape is in your best interest
7. Making an effort to eat better and look after yourself is an act of radical self love
8. Thinking about working out and working out are two completely different things
9. Creating healthy habits now are in your best interest as well as your future self and family
10. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be awful


The Gingers Guide to Life

1. What someone else thinks and says about you is none of your business.

2. Quite often the way people treat you is a reflection of how you treat them.

3. Relationships are so much more exciting when you don’t live in each other’s pocket.

4. I was pissed off at someone’s bad behaviour the other day and my dad said ‘use it as motivation to not be like that’.

5. It baffles me how people go into a new work place and find they don’t like someone or vice versa then wonder WHY it’s that way. It is because no matter how nice you are there is always gonna be someone out there who you butt heads with. Just do you, boo and damn the naysayers.

6. Is it just me or is anyone else feeling confused about food right now? There is a new diet left, right and centre. I mean….what on earth should I have for dinner?!

7. Meditation will change your life I promise. All you need is an app. And a smart phone.

8. If you have done things in the morning then find yourself bored as all hell in the afternoon – don’t feel bad. It’s called relaxing.

9. Things will never be good or bad all the time. Enjoy the happy medium.

10. Winging times and dates of interviews is not the way to reduce your OCD tendencies and anxiety. I’m sorry, but it’s true.