Weekly Love

Piri and I took our first nice photo together when she visited last week. Surprise, we were drunk as usual and a screenshot was necessary.

After the previous two¬†Fridays of heavy drinking I was so super happy to have a sober weekend. Well, I had a couple of beers but not like ‘I’m going out for a couple of beers’ then come home four hours later borderline comatose. I started feeling pretty ill on Thursday and the house we are house sitting got colder than I expected so I’ve more or less been wrapped up in bed dying for the past couple of days on a diet of takeaways (bad) and painkillers. I’m about to get super specific on my gratitude coz I am ready for some change!

Getting my hair cut / getting a really good hair cut
It took me four years to get a hair cut. Four! My old hair dresser moved to Sydney and I have trust issues when it comes to getting my long hair trimmed. One day I was chatting to a customer, found out she’s a hair dresser then six months (?) and $90 later I trusted her in tidying my hair up. I love having long hair but unfortunately I had let it get a bit ratty and as said hair dresser said ‘It’s just sort of hanging there’. Also – how great is washing and drying your hair post cut? So healthy, so much easier to dry and so worth spending the money on.

I do this all the time but more often so closer to my birthday which is pretty close. This year I’ll be 26 which is sort of scary but not really. I guess it’s easier to judge your life and success based on your peers life and success but right now all I care about are the four goals I tacked to my wall in January. They are my base and all the other things can sit on the shelf for a bit. House, pets, moving in together and potential children can just hold fire for another few years. It’s easy to feel like a failure when Kylie Jenner has her own make up line but YO a bit of elbow grease and a positive mind can help you get to a better place.

House sitting
I get asked ALL THE TIME when JP and I are moving in together. The answer is – most likely when we can put a deposit on a house. We live together Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and hang out most of Sunday. It is, however, nice to live together full time and the massive plus side it that we have a fucking DOG to look after. Not just any dog but a damn husky (who is in love with JP)

Facebook memories
I know this is a strange thing to be grateful for but man, (sometimes) I love looking back on who I was and what I did. I had a memory this morning that was with a girl I was once friends with and she had shared an out fit she liked. It made me feel really good coz I realised how much I have grown as a person since then but then made me realise what a gluttonous pig I’ve become ha ha.

My friends
I’ll tell you one thing – I don’t have a lot of friends BUT the ones I am incredibly close to (well two out of three) and talk to pretty much every second or third day live in Australia and the other just moved home. I’m so flippin’ grateful to have people in my life that make me laugh so hard I can’t even handle it. I’m just so fucking happy I have these girls.

Little things: HEAT PUMPS; pain killers; epic sleeps; baths; waking up oddly early feeling super energised; ASOS; dogs; my red sparkly nails; feeling a lot more confident in my abilities; sorting out my finances; Game of Thrones; home made chicken soup; trawling ASOS for bargains like the old day; falling asleep to This American Life, Modern Love and TED talks; and this ongoing sunshine (but I would like some rain please)