Make Monday

Love makes you fat. The dating, the alcohol, the snacks. The past (nearly) two years has resulted in 12kgs (!!!) of weight gain. Food has definitely become a hobby of ours and we are so not happy about the repercussions! Why didn’t anyone warn me about this?! This is how it sort of happened: If you’ve ever been around someone and they mention something like wanting pizza and then all you think about is pizza then you buy pizza and you both enjoy the shit out of that pizza until it starts to effect your waist line. When I’m single I eat incredibly healthy as in Mc Donalds makes me feel miserable afterwards.

I live right by all the food places so after years of being by them they all sort to get a bit….boring. Minus Burger Fuel, of course. I love to cook a lot which makes my life so much easier. Cooking is therapeutic and nothing is better to me than sitting down and thinking ‘fuck yeah!’ to myself as I devour whatever I have made. This recipe is one of them. I’ve seen a lot of recipes like it so excuse the minor plagiarism I just wanted to have one of my own.

1 large chicken breast
1 can tinned chopped tomatoes
1 onion
1 medium sized kumara
1 grated carrot
2 cup kidney beans
1 tsp tumeric
1 tsp paprika
1 vegetable stock cube
2 tsp cajun seasoning
1/2 cup water
salt and pepper

Heat your oven to 160 degrees on fan bake. Peel your kumara then chop into one centimeter pieces. Be very careful not to cut them too thick otherwise they will take forever to cook. Keep an eye on these during the cooking duration (usually about 20-30 mins) and make sure you flip them when they are cooked so both sides get colour but are tender.

Melt your desired fat in your pan (I used butter) and add finely chopped onion. While onion is becoming translucent, cut your chicken into very small bite sized pieces and season well with salt and pepper. Add your carrot in with the onions till the carrot gets some good colour going through it then put the beans in. Add your chicken let it brown slightly then chuck in the can of tomatoes. Let it simmer and get nice and bubbly then add the vegetable stock cube, turmeric and paprika then pour in water. Let the sauce reduce and add salt and pepper to taste.

Spoon the mixture over the kumara then top with cheese, sour cream and avocado.