Date day

On Thursday JP surprised me by taking Friday off work. Our date nights are usually a couple of drinks after work and dinner. Maybe a movie. Then bed. And some NSFW action.

Since I live so central we usually end up just going somewhere in town but since we were in Newtown we ended up going to The Ramen Shop which I had heard several good things about.

We had pork belly buns and fried chicken miso ramen which sounded amazing (I like miso and I LOVE fried chicken!) unfortunately, the hype my taste buds built up didn’t live up to it and we were both disappointed in our experience. I thought it was very fairly priced but at $44 all up it wasn’t cheap. Maybe we just ordered the wrong thing…. I don’t know…but it was beautifully presented and the service was good.

It was okay, we were fed and excited to go on a wee adventure! I have been DYING to go to the zoo for ages. The last time I went I was….16-17. I took advantage of the Wellington advent calendar just before Christmas and snagged a 2 for 1 pass which made the date cheaper. Excuse my horrible iPhone photos. I’m yet to replace my fancy camera.

Tigers are one of my fave. This dude ended up hiding not long after.

Definitely my fave photo of the day! The lionesses were hiding (it was pretty hot) so I was happy to see this guy having a snooze.

This handsome guy came out a little while later. It was super dark in the cave so I had to give it a filter.

Why hello to you too, sun bear

The meerkats were so super cute!

Literally 0 cares for all of y’all

All in all the trip was pretty good. It was school holidays so I sort of worried about lots of kids being around. A lot of the animals weren’t out presumably because of the dry heat which was a bummer (I was super excited about the serval and carcaral) It was a lot quicker getting around than I remember but all up it was a pretty good way to spend an afternoon!