Weekly Love

IMG_6978.JPGI’m back! From yknow, life and stuff. I’m in the best place I’ve been in years. It’s been hard yakka but I’m happily enjoying the fruits of my labour. If I could look back and show my 19 year old self this life, I’m sure she would’ve been amazed. The reason I say my 19 year old self is because that is when I was having the worst of times. Who would’ve thought!

Anyway, I’ve missed writing. Sometimes I feel nothing writing these posts but I remember why I do it – I love looking back and seeing what I’ve been up to. Two weeks ago I turned 27 (I think it was 2 weeks ago?) I’m feeling proud of myself. I’ve nearly paid off all of my debt (I’d say roughly $6000) in the past 2-3 years. I’ve got $2000 to go and it feels SO GOOD. It was a hard lesson to learn but I’m really glad I went through it. It’s taught me the value of money, how important it is to have money saved and savings goals. It taught me that living with debt means sacrifices and having to miss out a lot because of it. It also taught me how to survive on virtually nothing, but hey let’s hope those days are over. How amazing is that, though? I’ve set myself a savings goal to reach within a year so I will have a nice ‘fuck off fund’ to help, should I need it!

It doesn’t stop there! JP and I have been together for 3 years as of January -April (hazy on the time) He’s my driving force when I lose stamina and loves me regardless. It’s really great being in love with someone you like and can be yourself around. He’s chilled me out and made me realise that I’m bigger than I think I am (not talking about weight here)

My job is still going really well. I’ve never really ‘thrived’ in admin roles but my team is awesome and I love being there.

I’m still working on the weight loss part. It’s almost comical that I started tracking weight loss but it never really came to anything. I’ve been doing Junk Free June and it’s really made me think about my eating habits. Stopping and asking yourself ‘is this junk food?’ is a really big eye opener. I’m working on eating more fruit and vegetables. This week is when I get back to the gym!

Little things: grilled chicken noodle salad from Nam D; having some sun on my skin today; catching up with old friends; Sex and the City (obsessed!!!); I bought JP and I tickets to My Favourite Murder in September; AND we have booked an epic week away in Kaiteriteri for New Years; watching my debt dwindle; nice Sunday drives; fresh pasta; Bon Apetetit’s Facebook page; Tony Moly lip sticks; Too Faced Natural Love palette; dry cleaned coats; waking up early; dog beach; staying in on rainy days; living with my best friend and laughing constantly; Loki who is annoying AND loveable; talking to my sister sporadically; and JP (of course!)