Happy New Year!


Our plans to go to Taupo fell through (long/boring story) so JP came home and declared we were going to Martinborough for the night. I totally wasn’t complaining though. It was nice in town but I knew that it would be super nice in Martinborough. Plus, it’s 2 hours away vs 4 hours away. We arrived and had a quick brew at the hotel and then got some snacks.


We stayed at the Claremont just out of town and it was awesome. The room was clean, had a seated area outside for us to hang out in and they had animals around which was awesome. We went and got Thai around 8 then proceeded to drink until town closed at 1am which was a blessing in disguise.

I wore no make up to town (povo / long hair don’t care) which was nice. I felt weirdly uncomfortable for a while then I got over it. I think as long as your hair is clean and you’ve showered within 6 hours of going out you can totally pull it off. I like this picture. It’s kinda cheesy but I like the way he’s looking at me. Collective awww.

This was our view on our way to dinner. I mean….

New Years Day was 30 degrees!! I’ve never been so sweltering hot in my life. But it’s so hard to hate the heat when you see this view!!!! To top it off JP’s mum made us the most insane dinner with the fish his dad caught earlier that day. This is one third of the meal:


I can’t wait for many more meals and many more getaways!