Weekly Love


Today is JP and I’s two year meetaversary! Two years today we would’ve both been hungover, and at our respective homes after enjoying a coffee in my lounge after getting very pissed the night before. We can’t remember the proper date we got together but we took selfies the night we met so we just find it easier to go off that date. We celebrated it for the most part on Friday night, felt pretty average the next day, then went out to Beer Meats Grill for dinner, Kaffe Eis for dessert then bed to nap (actually JP stayed up till 2am watching Pablo Escobar haha!) We’re both feeling pretty slow today so we ate fish and chips at the beach then JP went home and have been facebook messaging ever since. JP has requested that I don’t post pictures of him all over the internet and I am totally down with respecting his wishes. All in all, this week has been a pretty good week.

Little things: precious alone time; Aimee scoring us tickets to Death Cab on the 20th!!!; home made pizza; making badass meatballs (recipe coming shortly); getting motivated for a new step; listening to Death Cab; marathoning Pretty Little Liars; the Veronica Mars movie coming on Netflix; double animal house sitting coming up; Brand New releasing a new album this year!!!!; buttermilk fried chicken burger with fennel and apple coleslaw; smashing out five loads of laundry; sober till November (apparently); super kind pharmacists and of course a well made coffee.



Look how skinny we are! I think I lost my jacket that night…
A year ago today, JP and I met. I told myself I wasn’t going to go out that night coz I was low on cash but I really wanted to see my old work mates. Fast forward a bit and I see this gorgeous guy with beautiful straight teeth, a lush beard and a full sleeve of tattoos. Later on that night he approached me out of nowhere on the smokers deck. I thought I’d seen someone I wanted to avoid like the plague and he said ‘Are you watching the cricket’ and I was like ‘uhhhh NOPE…..just thought I saw someone I knew’ and then it was awkward for a bit. We kept chatting and got along really well. I ended up taking him home thinking it wouldn’t amount to anything but we ended up hanging out once a week. It definitely wasn’t easy. There were a lot of get together then break ups until I was bored of it and said Id like to be friends. That didn’t last for long. I still had feelings for the guy and we get along pretty well so it turned quickly went back to the way it was before. It hasn’t been easy but boy was it worth it. He’s a very private kinda guy but I’d like preach his choir a bit.

As I mentioned earlier, 2014 was not an easy year for me. JP stuck through everything thick and thin and was always there to offer perspective and affection if I needed it. He always gave me a nudge in the right direction and has always been patient with me. Even though we have had rough patches the fact that we both wanted to persist is truly the best. Here’s to our nearly first year (properly got together sometime in April) together!