Photo round up


Dad and I had Christmas the the Front Room in Waikanae last year and it was the best meal I’ve had out in a long time. Admittedly, I don’t dine out at very fancy places nor do I have three course meals but I couldn’t remember the last time I had a great meal like that. Since I am a total nerd….

I had squid, chorizo and cauliflower purée for my entree, duck breast on a pomegranate and farrow salad (not pictured coz I was SO excited to eat it) and an affogato for dessert

Mickey and I went out on a late night excursion and got these amazing rum cocktails. Unfortunately all the nice bars close at 2am and when we got to the bars we just wanted to get Chinese food and go home.

The night wouldn’t be complete without a mirror selfie though

I went for a walk and saw this group kayaking which needed a photo

Nice days call for walks out to the ugly Wellywood sign over the gym. It’s nice to wind down after a long day even if it kills me

My dad and his girlfriend showed me this cool boat a little while ago and they had a cat on board! That’s the only cool part. The boat is pretty worn down.

This was one of the coolest things I’ve seen at Oriental Bay! I’m not sure what type of martial arts they did but they waded in like it was nothing.

On the last leg of my wall they have cool wind and light sculptures. The colour blocks are cool but I like this one the best.

I’ll let this speak for itself haha!


Photo round up



















My best friend has the cayutest dog, VSCO cam is one of the best apps I’ve ever used, I would happily eat late night dinner with these two everyday, my favourite boy, after 8 years of braces I finally got them off 3 months ago! My orthodontist Bhavik made my appointments hilariously fun, Jordana and Mickey stopped by one by one one night and got cute , my cousins husband and I had an Instagram war at my Aunty and uncles 40th wedding anniversary. I won! Mickey and I got crocobikes one arvo then cruised around listening to Drake, just being Miley~, Mickey got braids this year this Maori guy kept telling her how beautiful she is and how she looked like Naomi Campbell’s sister, drunk selfies with my bestie, coffee and lunch with the R.A’s, Friday nights where we try to be sophisticated but end up getting messy, I had a temporary flat mate for 10 weeks and she pretty much became my sister. I really miss having her around to share adventures with!, Jordy and I got beers pre fire works at a rad bar and got to chill on a picnic blanket, my dad took me out for breakfast one morning then continued to be hilarious, Brett and I went swimming and adventuring after his exam and it was so much fun!, Aimee and I today after having a round the bays contiki and the very sweet letter Alex left me when she left.

Photo round up # 14


Southern Cross at the top of Cuba Street has got to be one of the coolest bar/restaurants in the city. Having blankets & board games in a beautiful outdoor area is genius. Always such good vibes here.
Apartment is another one of my favourite bars. My friend works there so I pop in for a drink on quiet nights and have a yarn. I didn’t know they did food until recently and we ordered dim sims & dumplings. Dani also had some pizza left over from the night before so we had a wee feast.
Heavily edited shameless train station selfies.
Almond milk + frozen mixed berries have been my jam lately. I bought Omaha organic frozen mixed berries ‘coz they were on special and they were a million times better than the normal ones.
We’ve got a pretty good office environment where there isn’t really a hierarchy. My bosses make me coffee (and vice versa!) Despite there being heaps of coffee cups around he insisted on giving me my coffee in a jar.
Oriental Bay is by far my favourite suburb in Wellington. It’s right on the cusp of the city so going to the beach is made pretty easy. I can’t wait to spend my afternoons & evenings here during the Summer but for now I will settle for walking round the bay occasionally walking past this gorgeous fella & getting coffee.
I had a late dinner with these two a couple of weeks ago at Ozeki and it was so good. We made the reservations for 8:30pm which was not the wisest because we all had pre drinks before hand. Regardless the selfies were amazing.
One more y’know for good measure ;).

I’m not a big fan of the Hutt but I have to venture out of the city every four weeks or so for orthodontic appointments. I’ve always found this area on the way back to the station really beautiful. The mix of the same colours but different tones does it for me.
This is also hella beautiful. I used to love it when I was a kid and we came into Wellington for some reason or another and we could see the harbour. I grew up out of the city so it’s always been exciting to me even after all these years.ImageAnd do you think I was going to turn down this neon food sign at Nikau Cafe?!
We’ve been fitting in more team bonding at work so we have started quiz nights. I hate pub quizzes with a vengeance but in the name of having a well bonded team it’s worth it!anna7
I had my last proper orthodontist appointment last week! Looking forward to getting them off!
We had our work ball last Saturday and it was so much fun! We’re lucky to have such a well behaved fun bunch.
e went to use the photo booth but it had closed for the night SAD FACE. I can’t remember the last time I took that many selfies haha!

A Beautiful Mess photo app

I am 100% obsesses with the “a beautiful mess” app! Here are a few of my fave pics so far.

o say everyone at work loves coffee is an understatement. A bunch of us went out after Ras’ birthday lunch and went to one of our favourite places (Customs on Ghuznee) and tried the new coffee from Yemen.

 was having epic ice cream cravings on Saturday night so I snuck down to the dairy and got a childhood favourite (choc bar) then devoured it in bed.20130630-001020.jpg
ur maintenance guy Denis is a total trooper and posed for this. So funny.

20130702-152341.jpgI wasn’t feeling amazing last night and Roo was scheduled to stay over (I haven’t seen her in a YEAR!) so we sat on the couch for several hours and watched t.v. So good to have you back!20130702-152359.jpgI walked home in the rain last week and got soaked!20130702-152418.jpgYes…..I know……chips…. I can’t quit them. I’d rather spend a little bit longer at the gym and eat them. So, so good.20130702-152431.jpgMy new co-worker is also an ENFP so we have had a lot of lols and have mutually driven the accountant m e n t a l.20130702-152445.jpgYou want to know how I do 6am cardio. This is my dirty little secret.20130702-152509.jpgMy flat mate bought some sausages on special and so kindly made me breakfast on Saturday morning. It was so good. I can’t remember the last time I had sausages (I miss them!)20130630-000959.jpgAnd this guy. Holy. Makes me laugh so damn much and has been a huuuuge support during those shit times. She is one of four I would die without!

Photo round up # 12


I started baking for everyone at work for cake Fridays! These are triple chocolate brownie cupcakes. Deduct points for the poor photographs.
I made this dope as Hummingbird cake from Bakerella. It was meant to be double layer but the first layer went ‘Kaput!’ all over the stove top. Mixing the cream cheese & butter is next to impossible without beaters!
One of my favourite things about office lyfe is when it’s your BIRTHDAY!! I wanted my desk to be decorated forever coz it’s so much nicer to work with balloons and what not everywhere! Sadly the decorations were taken down a week later :(.

Reaction ❤
My work mates made me a healthy hamper with tea, spirulina, dried fruit & corn chips. So, so good. I also requested a crown which I wore all day long.
My papa came and picked me up (beers and bro outs avec ma bff) and my boss had to teach my dad how to use his phone haha!
I stopped by Pam’s before my b’day dinner the next night so she could do my eye make up and naturally we indulged in a selfie sesh.
One more 😉
Kumara, carrot, pumpkin, cashew, chickpea, red onion salad! So, so good.
Pam and I baked Annabel Langbein’s sticky date pudding with home made butterscotch sauce and ice cream. Matched perfectly with chilling on the couch with trash t.v on a cold day.

My flat mate kindly lent me his lap top while he was out. Churrrr DR.

Photo round up #11

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these but this is what has been up since….the last post.

ImageHanging out with Megan! Which I don’t do enough of.Image

One of my favourite spots in Wellington!
They have concerts at the Botanical Gardens over Summer then afterwards we went venturing and I took these cool photos of the lights and tree reflections. I think it’s one of the first times I’ve taken a picture of something so ridiculously beautiful and it’s come out like I saw it.
Joe’s Garage – one of my favourite cafes! My dad & I come here whenever we go get coffee.
The menu at Poquito (a cute hole in the wall cafe/bar on Tory St)
Pigeons making out!
High tea…….
On a boat! We grabbed one of those ‘One day’ vouchers. Best $45 I’ve spent in a while!
Roti chanai + coca coca is one of my absolute favourites. Plus it’s $9 at satay kingdom. Rude not to.
This is one of my friends work mates who sang ‘You say it best when you say nothing at all’ by Ronan Keating at the top of his lungs while playing my poorly tuned never used guitar on our way to a bar. Potentially one of the funniest moments of the year.
One of my favourite ways to start the day. I hate rushed mornings!
My flat mate insisted we take a photo of me as a cat on St Patricks Day.
My friend Michelle sent that to me in a text one morning & I loved it so much I had to write it down.
This is the sub par pie I made. I ended up just eating the mashed potato off the top it was that average. Next time I’ll make it with pastry, a recipe & leave the mash for a shepards pie.
I love my hair right now. The length, colour & how it dries straight makes me a v happy lady.
This is my dads bachelor pad that I had to myself last Saturday night. I sat on the internet for hours and listened to his embarrassing neighbours who resemble the West family.
This is my book shelf! My dad made it for my mum way back in the day but it doesn’t fit her new place so I ended up with it. Stoked coz it’s so rad.
And may I present to you one of the best dresses ever! It looks 100% better with a belt because it makes me look 7kgs heavier otherwise.