My first day at work in photos

I had nothing to do so I went for a wander and made a cat friend!Then adventured around to get more familiar with my new work place and found this eery spot. It doesn’t obviously show it’s true creepiness but something gave me the heebies about this area.We have VENDING MACHINES! Right around the corner from my desk. Guys, I’m going to get fat. But this isn’t even the best part of the vending machine….That’s right! Eftpos on a vending machine. I’m going to leave my wallet at home.SELFAAAAAAY! HAY GURRRRRL!I didn’t expect great things from this machine at all but the outcome was even worse. It uses powdered milk. POWDERED MILK! Pass.Check out the sweet juice machine! My friend Megan wanted to put tequila into the one at her work to make margaritas. The answer was the opposite to yes.Sweet residential dining hallThey put it on their calendar! Cute!!Aww my new boss put this on my desk!! So sweet!The residence had a Harry Potter themed dinner once! Clearly I am at the right place!I got shown a sweet short cut on my way home. The field looked so pretty!

And yes, I made friends guys don’t worry! This is Lily my new boss who is super dope. I love my new team!We have our photos in reception at work and one of the super talented students took this! He totally photoshopped it but hey, hey!