Junk free June week one

I decided to embark on this junk free June adventure to curb some terrible eating habits I’ve developed! I love my body but I’ve gained a lot of weight (10-15kgs) and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle is very important to me. It’s not all about being skinny and what not but if I get good I’m less moody and better to be around. 

Day one: “GIVE ME A FUCKING ICE CREAM!!!’ Screamed my brain around midday. I had a scroll for breakfast which obviously wasn’t enough. Give me all of the sugar. Omg. A milkshake from Wendy’s!!!!!! Oh wait, NOPE. It’s aite I got this…..aside from my walk back from the loo where I made one of the girls at the cafe give me the tongs to steal some marshmallows. I took 4, ate three and realised by number 4 that oooops I was eating junk food. Learnt the hard way that broccoli smells horribly odorous when recooked but the roast I ate for both lunch and dinner was A+! 

Day two: OMG so tired. Can’t do this. Yas please soy flat white and banana. By the time our Tuesday meeting rolled around I was so miserable that I got a good ol dollop of cream on my iced soy flat which was after all just ice, soy milk and coffee (PMS x not having a proper sleep = incredibly irritable sassy Anna) Lunch however was a lot more tame. I made a paleo shepards pie (recipe courtesy of the Shrinking Violet) the night before so I was stoked to have that for lunch with a banana and mandarin. I’m so bad at eating fruit so I was keen to change that! Dinner was the same which was dope coz the weather sucks and I didn’t want to cook. Nearly had an apple but my fitness pal said ‘NOPE!’ coz my sugar intake was very high. Gotta stick to this for the greater good/my $140 Levi’s haha! Adjusting to eating less when I’m used to eating too much is hard but I used to eat more when I worked out loads. 

Day three – maybe now is a good time to mention that I mentioned I’m quitting smoking (I’ve been a pretty solid smoker for the last 7 years – yikes!) I’ve been pretty good. In the past two days I’ve had 3.5 cigarettes which is good considering I can smoke a half packet every day. It also makes me want sugar and because it is a bit of a sleep aid for me I’m sitting awake and I want one so bad. Food today was pretty good. As usual, date night makes things pretty bad. JP made us lasagna and while it was in a large pan with three small layers – we ate it all! Mind you if it was in a deep dish it would’ve been somewhat equal….or would it #whatwouldgarfielddo? After that conundrum JP ate a whole container of M&Ms and they smelt so damn good! I removed myself from the couch to get back in touch with my self control. JP bought me cigarettes which I could’ve said no to but didn’t.

Day four – a lot easier than previous days. Obviously seeing chocolate around and new Cadbury flavours out was very tempting but a temptation I managed to wrangle by buying myself some bacon, eggs and mushrooms for a paleo brunch for tomorrow. I had sushi for lunch, rice and chicken for dinner and some smoked cheese and crackers for snacks. The more I get into this the more I’m like ‘what is healthy?’ I put it down to the fact that if its not chemical laden or junk food then it’s good. Trust me, the half eaten packet of chippies in the kitchen have been haunting me but the aim of Junk Free June for me is to go back to better eating than what I was and making eating better a priority. 

Day five: woke up and made myself some poached eggs, mushrooms, bacon and avo for brunch around 10 and I wasn’t hungry again till about 4:30. Avocados are out of season and I refuse to pay $2.50 for one at the supermarket when they are $1 cheaper at the vege markets. Decided to give the kumara rosti recipe on the Junk Free June page to change things up a bit and a couple of those with guacamole was so damn good! I also made a banana smoothie which filled me up. Finished the day solid with some cheese on crackers. 

Day 6 

Breakfast on Saturday was the same as Friday but with some kumara rosti. I could seriously eat like that all the time. JPs mum invited me to the markets so I caught the bus out and we went and got our weekly veges which was nice. She knows how to make a mean sandwich so I couldn’t pass up a healthy sandwich on some vogels. This kept me full up until dinner when JP declared he didn’t want to go to a restaurant so we flagged our initial idea and drove around town three (!!!) times when I caved into his KFC craving. He was hungover and I needed to pee so badly so we went there instead. I’m incredibly embarrassed because I ended up getting a large double down combo. It was followed by a cheesecake from Hells (and a big side of regret) 

Day 7

I woke up determined not to go back to the previous day’s mess and had an egg, mushroom and avo on some fancy baguette. White bread isn’t something I eat often and to be fair I hardly eat bread let alone buy it. I had avo, cheese, ham and aioli baguette at work which was really nice and kept me going till dinner time. I bought some nice Hellers sausages and had them with my kumara rosti, peas and a cup of grated cheese…..it wasn’t meant to be that much I swear! I’ll stop smoking again tomorrow. 

How I feel – so much better! I’m less hungry at the end of the day which is nice. Feels good to be eating proper meals again. Keen to keep going with it. The more prepared I am the happier I am to continue!