Weekly Love


This week has been so damn hot and for once I’m all about it. I usually hate summer coz it’s usually when my depression strikes hot and I’m so pale that I burn in an instant. On Monday I just sat on the beach too chicken to get up and not willing to risk my phone being stolen. On Tuesday and Wednesday after work I left the house without my phone and stayed in the water until my skin went wrinkly and today until I started getting tired. The most liberating this was donning my bikini on and walking around carelessly and enjoying my own company. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be just as hot! Also a special shout out to my soon to be step mum for organising dads 60th surprise party. It’s nice to do nice things, yknow?

Little things: washing all the suncream off after a long day of adventuring; simple dinners; air conditioning; NASHVILLE!!!; job hunting; early nights; watching the sunset (at this very moment and someone is also letting off fire works); Greek yoghurt; talking to my best friend more; French cats; not being online all day; Danielle Laporte; meditating; when JP plays the guitar really pretty; jandals; having people who think just like you do; Pablo Escobar (different but the same to Narcos and the only thing we agree on tv wise); finding my favourite sunglasses; avocados; Hellers sausages; super stretchy comfy jeans; listening to David Bowie on the way home from dads (and I’m not big on Bowie at all); lying on the beach; and as always JP.


Weekly Love


Today is JP and I’s two year meetaversary! Two years today we would’ve both been hungover, and at our respective homes after enjoying a coffee in my lounge after getting very pissed the night before. We can’t remember the proper date we got together but we took selfies the night we met so we just find it easier to go off that date. We celebrated it for the most part on Friday night, felt pretty average the next day, then went out to Beer Meats Grill for dinner, Kaffe Eis for dessert then bed to nap (actually JP stayed up till 2am watching Pablo Escobar haha!) We’re both feeling pretty slow today so we ate fish and chips at the beach then JP went home and have been facebook messaging ever since. JP has requested that I don’t post pictures of him all over the internet and I am totally down with respecting his wishes. All in all, this week has been a pretty good week.

Little things: precious alone time; Aimee scoring us tickets to Death Cab on the 20th!!!; home made pizza; making badass meatballs (recipe coming shortly); getting motivated for a new step; listening to Death Cab; marathoning Pretty Little Liars; the Veronica Mars movie coming on Netflix; double animal house sitting coming up; Brand New releasing a new album this year!!!!; buttermilk fried chicken burger with fennel and apple coleslaw; smashing out five loads of laundry; sober till November (apparently); super kind pharmacists and of course a well made coffee.

Happy New Year!


Our plans to go to Taupo fell through (long/boring story) so JP came home and declared we were going to Martinborough for the night. I totally wasn’t complaining though. It was nice in town but I knew that it would be super nice in Martinborough. Plus, it’s 2 hours away vs 4 hours away. We arrived and had a quick brew at the hotel and then got some snacks.


We stayed at the Claremont just out of town and it was awesome. The room was clean, had a seated area outside for us to hang out in and they had animals around which was awesome. We went and got Thai around 8 then proceeded to drink until town closed at 1am which was a blessing in disguise.

I wore no make up to town (povo / long hair don’t care) which was nice. I felt weirdly uncomfortable for a while then I got over it. I think as long as your hair is clean and you’ve showered within 6 hours of going out you can totally pull it off. I like this picture. It’s kinda cheesy but I like the way he’s looking at me. Collective awww.

This was our view on our way to dinner. I mean….

New Years Day was 30 degrees!! I’ve never been so sweltering hot in my life. But it’s so hard to hate the heat when you see this view!!!! To top it off JP’s mum made us the most insane dinner with the fish his dad caught earlier that day. This is one third of the meal:


I can’t wait for many more meals and many more getaways!

Date day

On Thursday JP surprised me by taking Friday off work. Our date nights are usually a couple of drinks after work and dinner. Maybe a movie. Then bed. And some NSFW action.

Since I live so central we usually end up just going somewhere in town but since we were in Newtown we ended up going to The Ramen Shop which I had heard several good things about.

We had pork belly buns and fried chicken miso ramen which sounded amazing (I like miso and I LOVE fried chicken!) unfortunately, the hype my taste buds built up didn’t live up to it and we were both disappointed in our experience. I thought it was very fairly priced but at $44 all up it wasn’t cheap. Maybe we just ordered the wrong thing…. I don’t know…but it was beautifully presented and the service was good.

It was okay, we were fed and excited to go on a wee adventure! I have been DYING to go to the zoo for ages. The last time I went I was….16-17. I took advantage of the Wellington advent calendar just before Christmas and snagged a 2 for 1 pass which made the date cheaper. Excuse my horrible iPhone photos. I’m yet to replace my fancy camera.

Tigers are one of my fave. This dude ended up hiding not long after.

Definitely my fave photo of the day! The lionesses were hiding (it was pretty hot) so I was happy to see this guy having a snooze.

This handsome guy came out a little while later. It was super dark in the cave so I had to give it a filter.

Why hello to you too, sun bear

The meerkats were so super cute!

Literally 0 cares for all of y’all

All in all the trip was pretty good. It was school holidays so I sort of worried about lots of kids being around. A lot of the animals weren’t out presumably because of the dry heat which was a bummer (I was super excited about the serval and carcaral) It was a lot quicker getting around than I remember but all up it was a pretty good way to spend an afternoon!

Weekly Love

imageJust like last year, I had a semi staycation not far from the city. JPs parents went away for two weeks so we had their beautiful home to ourselves. I felt super povo coming back to my place today and every time I looked out the window at the beautiful views I thought ‘#lifegoals’ then had a laugh coz who thinks in hashtags?! I have written a post about my year but had some formatting issues and was too lazy to use JPs iPad. Even though I was sad to go it was rad having his parents home to hang out with!

Little things: Sparkles the male mainecoon; looking out at the city lights as I went to sleep; not having to share things with other people; getting away for a little while; being really lazy; playing house; the warm weather!!!!; NYE (not going to town, dressing comfortably and going to a place with 0 cellphone reception!); finding happiness and purpose through meditating; working out again; the Simpsons; my dads engagement (I love my step mum to be); JPs parents (SO FUNNY); having dinner cooked for me; hanging out with Aimee and her puppy; Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham AND #Girlboss – Sophia Amoruso; and of course, JP.

Photo round up #10

he Telecom tree on Christmas day. Come midnight the lights were turned off which was a shame. I shared a couple of bottles of wine with my flat mate & his friend under here for a couple of hours.

On the 26th I caught the train out for one of my best friends birthday. It was so rad to go out to the farm and there were dogs everywhere.
New Years rolled around and I hung out with my third cousins (the one on the left has the same name & initials as me) then partied till 10am. The following 24 hours were not flash at all.
My dad & I went out to the Wairarapa for the annual air show there. We stayed out at my Aunties farm then went out Martinborough (where my dad grew up!)
Dad hadn’t explored Martinborough for a long time so we listened to old music and drove out to Lake Ferry. I love getting out of the city for a few days & this was perfect.
Selfies 4eva~
My very best (and oldest!) friend moved back from Australia last weekend and we made a fort (last time we made a New York loft) and it was a disaster. We don’t need pegs for our laundry at my apartment so it was an epic fail. We watched Dead Silence (terrifying fyi), ate chips and dip and M&Ms then talked about our amazing childhood shenanigans for hours.
This was Oriental Bay today. You really can’t beat Wellington on a good day. Since I am inside all day I made an effort to spend a majority of it outside. Look at it!
There is a sweet fish & chip caravan by the beach. Sacha and I went there for dinner and had some pretty dope chips. It’s super popular and hella tasty!
Sacha & I kicked it at the beach till 7pm. I love day light savings! God this is a flattering angle.