Adventures in Weightloss

This is embarrassing to write. Guess who fell off the bandwagon? Lol this happens though, right? Yes it does. I just got lazy and then my routine got messed up. I’m so determined to get back into shape!! You know why? Coz it’s so doable I’m just being lazy. You know what’s nice? Getting drunk on the weekend of your new job. Celebrating. You know what’s nice? Eating far more than you need because it’s delicious and it’s okay coz your pants fit coz they’re new.

I write about celebrating and treats because it’s such a big part of my life and possibly yours too. ‘You’ve worked so hard so you can eat that box of shapes’ said my new co-worker. Did I eat that box of shapes? Hell yes. On Saturday when I had the hang over from hell did I eat those pizzas, burrito and then drink beer later? Yes I did. I deserved it. Good lord, Anna. Get a bloody grip of yourself! Shit. Maybe because I was such a fat child who had to go on an epic diet that involved no treats means that as an adult all I want to do is eat treats?

Anyway, I’m going to get my own gym membership next week. Yas girl! I have three occasions coming up that I’ll want to drink and eat junk so I’m going to do it. Yes, yes I am. I’m going to celebrate because while I’m cool with keeping it real and eating properly I’m also all about that health life.

The moral of this ranty post is that you can have your cake but for the love of god you don’t need to eat the whole bloody thing. You can go out for five beers (like you’ve promised yourself) just don’t make it ten beers. You can enjoy pizza but you don’t need two. Just eat some bloody vegetables.