Adventures in unemployment

 very terrible picture of my end of brainstorming conclusion

Hmm, not really quite sure whether to class this as an adventure or a misadventure.
This year I have gone through my fair share of jobs. I’m aware that it’s fairly outrageous to have had more than two jobs in a year that’s for sure but let me be real with you for a second. While these jobs were all good solid jobs – they weren’t what I was looking for and some times vice versa. I wont go into the hairy details (you gotta leave your past behind ya!) but I had a lot of free time to myself.  Now, I know this was a full on stupid situation to get myself into and it HAS been a very stressful time but what I have learnt from my unemployed ‘experience’ is paramount to my current sanity.

Applying for jobs is not a full time job
You heard me. There is only a certain amount of time in a day you can allocate to job hunting. Yes, you can press refresh on the job search website a million times but you will be driven insane and I’d say most agencies and employers don’t operate on a first in first served basis. As far as I’m concerned – once in the morning and once in the late afternoon should cover you well. Know where to look (i.e some agencies deal purely with creatives and some with a bit of everything) and make sure you’re applying for literally every job that you fit into.
Summary: Have a 9 – 5 daily schedule. It’s the rhythm of most jobs and will make it easier to transition when you’re re-entering the employment world.

Spend wisely
I know you’re probably SUPER excited about your massive holiday pay but before you spend it figure out your break even, times it by 8-10 (potential unemployed weeks) then pay for your rent and bills in advance. Right now, my love, you will live only off the smell of an oily rag. I know, I know it’s hard when you’re bored and you finally have all this free time up your sleeve but….seriously, how well is that $200 dress going to serve you when you’re so far behind on a rent a bottle of Bernadino won’t even be in your budget?
This is the most important part that needs to be sorted. I hope you’re not as dumb as me in terms of quitting your job before getting another but sometimes it doesn’t quite work out like that.
Summary – your break even is how much your rent is + how much your bills are + hire purchases ETC. I’d also advise you to do a big grocery shop – things like  extra shampoo, conditioner, washing powder and deodorant are good to have on stand by because in reality, if you’ve got $40 in your account and you need to go grocery shopping those are some very expensive things to add to your bill.

Spend wisely pt 2
After resigning from a very stressful, time consuming job I was literally being the BIGGEST bum around. I had found my inner hippie and I was 90% sure that given my previous job hunting luck that the stars would align and my dream role would be at my feet in no time. Reality is, I spent a lot of days in my pajamas doing absolutely nothing. I personally think the easiest way to do it is to plan a three day weekend. Four days of full-ish time of figuring your life out ‘work’ is more than enough. Which leads to my next tip….
Summary – the average human only needs 8 hours of sleep per day….

Make a SOLID list of things you need to do
I’m talking about re-doing your CV, big wardrobe purge, or catching  up with people.
We do get busy and things stack up pretty quickly. How often do you find yourself relaxing after a busy day thinking ‘Shit, I should really do x,y,z but there is no energy left!!!’ In my world there is a never ending list of things I want to do or get out the way – this is your time superstar.
Summary – you’ll go insane if you do nothing. Make a plan so you don’t become a total waster. There must be some brain cells up there so USE THEM!

Find out what you can get 
WINZ should be your last port of call. We are, of course, very lucky to live in a country where we can go on things like the benefit but keep in mind things like the stand period etc. You can’t just quit your job then go straight into it (well, I’m sure there is special circumstances somewhere along the way….) but it’s the general rule. Give them a call, check out your options and see what they can do for you. Remember – it is not a LOT of money (I think it’s like $220 off the minimum wage) + potentially getting other supplements and what not.
Summary – WINZ is not your mac daddy. No more fancy cheeses for you!

Take a good hard look at yourself
For whatever reason you left your job – it’s important to know there are two sides of it all. At the beginning of the week I did a MASSIVE strengths and weaknesses list. To keep my ego and self esteem in check I went one for one on strengths and weaknesses. This is a time where you can be honest, cut the bullshit, figure out where all your strengths lie and how to remedy your faults the next time you go job hunting. It’s always important to make sure that you remind yourself that you are only human and you aren’t going to be perfect in every instance.
Summary – do you really think you could do another job like the one you just did? What are you best at? Are the things you didn’t enjoy at your last job things you’re going to experience at a new job?