Weekly Love


Last night I had the best night out in forever! One of my really good friends and her boyfriend are leaving for London in a couple days so about 20 of us met up for a classic BYO! I had gone to school with and worked with a majority of them (we all cleaned after school and the money was fantastic) so even after all of these years, it was still the same. It’s such a shame that after being geographically close, you don’t hang out then when they leave it’s shitty because you kick your damn self each time! If there is one thing being older has taught me is that everyone is terrible at catching up but we need to make a more conscious effort to do so! Anyway, I  had planned on getting home around 10 but it felt too impersonal to just leave so JP joined us at a pirate themed bar (!), followed by the first half of the Hurricanes game then home at 2:30am. It was the best night ever and it was so nice because everyone was still so nice.

Little things: Loki getting a hair cut; getting sunshine after a very wet week; going to the dog beach and getting some sun in; naps after a week of shit sleep; Two Faced Natural Love palette; having the server at work down for a couple of hours; having a fantastic manager; having Aimee back home; electric blankets; fabric softener; salt and vinegar popcorn (it’s the BEST!); ‘uhhh this might sound weird but um can I use your lip balm?’; Mario Badescu lip balm (10/10); writing these lists; My Favourite Murder; and sweet, sweet sleep!


Weekly Love


This Friday, JP and I went all out and got very drunk. Oops! I needed to let my hair down and boy did I do that. Yesterday we pretty much chilled in bed and hung out which was one of those nice moments where you know you love someone. Today we woke up and carpe’d the fuck out of the diem with Brax in tow. The vege markets had the best spread ever and afterwards Brax went bananas at the dog beach then later at the dog park. I am going to miss my weekends with him coz he’s so great and I’m cool with being unbiased about it.

We even had sun today, guys. It was so bloody nice. I wish I was feeling the body love for myself to get in my togs and go for a swim. A storm is heading our way overnight so I’m stoked we got some vitamin D. I haven’t taken my meds in 2 days so it must’ve done something?

This week I swear I’m getting back into fitness. By the looks of it I’ll need to be my own motivation but that I can do! I’m thinking of doing 3-5 times a week to start. I say 3-5 coz it can sometimes depend on what JP is doing etc but 3 minimum and 5 maximum.

Little things: coffee; JP being the real MVP; having some alone time; My Favourite Murder; pretty sunsets; clean sheets; seeing Loki after periods of being away from him; Tony Moly lipsticks; whoever created suncream, caps and sunglasses; gorgeous days getting the washing dry; banter with old school friends; really well cooked fries; having my iPhone screen fixed and my living arrangement always.

Weekly Love


One of my favourite things in the world is when Aimee and I go for a drive and Loki puts his head out of the window. He makes everyone smile with his hair blowing in the wind while he is almost half way out the window. He would be flying if he had his own way.

Anyway, I took a hiatus. I was sick for pretty much a month straight and I’m finally better. I also started fearing what I was writing and didn’t think anything I wrote was good enough. I’ve now got over the fear it’s okay.

This weekend was one of the nicest weekends I’ve had in a while. My dad has gone away and asked JP and I to break Brax out of the kennel in the weekend. Naturally, I was all for it coz I love Brax more than most things. We took him to two different beaches and I hand fed him chicken for being such a good boy. Despite him being massive, he still jumps on my knee and occasionally manages to balance on there long enough for me to cuddle him like I did when he was a puppy.  We had to drop him back at the end of the day which was hard (he’s too big for my place and Lord Loki isn’t a fan) We made pizzas on Saturday night then we went to the Carter Observatory which we both haven’t done in 20 years (!!!) and it was so, so cool. Afterwards we got Scopa hot chocolate and chilled.

My phone screen has been cracked for a while so I also had a social media break which by the way was harder than I thought. I couldn’t sleep last night because I didn’t have a podcast to fall asleep to so today I have been a total zombie. I got my screen fixed today so I’m looking forward to falling asleep to This American Life tonight.

Little things: fitness tights (swore I would never and now im CONVERTED!); JP and his spontaneous nature; Brax ❤️, big cuddles with Loki; The People vs O.J Simpson; JP making up songs about Loki while Loki stands in the door frames being very confused; sleep; having my health back; finally being able to take selfies again; having meals prepped in the freezer; fluffy buttermilk pancakes; having that one day of sun; having some Anna time; having a great boss; coffee and morning scones; being able to renew our lease during this housing crisis; and having Aimee live right next door to me!

Happy Friday!


Last weekend I just jumped between friends and drank and spent (yikes!) more than I should’ve but y’know…YOLO. It’s always fun to go out, jump between friend groups & party but recharging your batteries is so essential. This rad cold weather we’ve got has made me want to hunker down in my room for four days and marathon t.v shows but as they say there is no rest for the wicked! But anyway dans le weekend I am…

going to finish Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince (then watch the movies!)
get some decent exercise that will push me back into working out
sleep in!
go to the vegetable markets
bake a chicken & leek pie with mashed potatoes on top!
paint my nails
– catch up on Girls, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl & Pretty Little Liars!
give my bed room a decent clean