Weekly Love


Last night I had the best night out in forever! One of my really good friends and her boyfriend are leaving for London in a couple days so about 20 of us met up for a classic BYO! I had gone to school with and worked with a majority of them (we all cleaned after school and the money was fantastic) so even after all of these years, it was still the same. It’s such a shame that after being geographically close, you don’t hang out then when they leave it’s shitty because you kick your damn self each time! If there is one thing being older has taught me is that everyone is terrible at catching up but we need to make a more conscious effort to do so! Anyway, I  had planned on getting home around 10 but it felt too impersonal to just leave so JP joined us at a pirate themed bar (!), followed by the first half of the Hurricanes game then home at 2:30am. It was the best night ever and it was so nice because everyone was still so nice.

Little things: Loki getting a hair cut; getting sunshine after a very wet week; going to the dog beach and getting some sun in; naps after a week of shit sleep; Two Faced Natural Love palette; having the server at work down for a couple of hours; having a fantastic manager; having Aimee back home; electric blankets; fabric softener; salt and vinegar popcorn (it’s the BEST!); ‘uhhh this might sound weird but um can I use your lip balm?’; Mario Badescu lip balm (10/10); writing these lists; My Favourite Murder; and sweet, sweet sleep!


Weekly Love


💕Lying in bed listening to SZA with the sun on my face, a cup of coffee and JP snoozing next to me
💕Making lists for our New Years holiday
💕Exercising – 2 walks and 2 gym sessions and remembering it’s not hard to do it just hard to get through the doors and I feel SO GOOD
💕 Making Laksa from scratch!
💕 Having a quiet week at work – nice to have less stress
💕 My team who are awesome which makes working so much easier
💕 TV marathons + laughing heaps with my bestest
💕Empty buses
💕 Doing Junk Free June which has made me really look at what I’m eating
💕 Reflecting on what I’ve become – it’s so nice to leave sad, negative, empty Anna behind
💕 Dog snapchats of the office dog from my non-dog loving sister (I think she has converted)
💕Having a beautiful sunny Saturday
💕Looking at our future
💕Bon Appetit’s website – I could spend all day on there
💕Having the lights fixed at my place

Weekly Love

IMG_6978.JPGI’m back! From yknow, life and stuff. I’m in the best place I’ve been in years. It’s been hard yakka but I’m happily enjoying the fruits of my labour. If I could look back and show my 19 year old self this life, I’m sure she would’ve been amazed. The reason I say my 19 year old self is because that is when I was having the worst of times. Who would’ve thought!

Anyway, I’ve missed writing. Sometimes I feel nothing writing these posts but I remember why I do it – I love looking back and seeing what I’ve been up to. Two weeks ago I turned 27 (I think it was 2 weeks ago?) I’m feeling proud of myself. I’ve nearly paid off all of my debt (I’d say roughly $6000) in the past 2-3 years. I’ve got $2000 to go and it feels SO GOOD. It was a hard lesson to learn but I’m really glad I went through it. It’s taught me the value of money, how important it is to have money saved and savings goals. It taught me that living with debt means sacrifices and having to miss out a lot because of it. It also taught me how to survive on virtually nothing, but hey let’s hope those days are over. How amazing is that, though? I’ve set myself a savings goal to reach within a year so I will have a nice ‘fuck off fund’ to help, should I need it!

It doesn’t stop there! JP and I have been together for 3 years as of January -April (hazy on the time) He’s my driving force when I lose stamina and loves me regardless. It’s really great being in love with someone you like and can be yourself around. He’s chilled me out and made me realise that I’m bigger than I think I am (not talking about weight here)

My job is still going really well. I’ve never really ‘thrived’ in admin roles but my team is awesome and I love being there.

I’m still working on the weight loss part. It’s almost comical that I started tracking weight loss but it never really came to anything. I’ve been doing Junk Free June and it’s really made me think about my eating habits. Stopping and asking yourself ‘is this junk food?’ is a really big eye opener. I’m working on eating more fruit and vegetables. This week is when I get back to the gym!

Little things: grilled chicken noodle salad from Nam D; having some sun on my skin today; catching up with old friends; Sex and the City (obsessed!!!); I bought JP and I tickets to My Favourite Murder in September; AND we have booked an epic week away in Kaiteriteri for New Years; watching my debt dwindle; nice Sunday drives; fresh pasta; Bon Apetetit’s Facebook page; Tony Moly lip sticks; Too Faced Natural Love palette; dry cleaned coats; waking up early; dog beach; staying in on rainy days; living with my best friend and laughing constantly; Loki who is annoying AND loveable; talking to my sister sporadically; and JP (of course!)

Weekly Love


This Friday, JP and I went all out and got very drunk. Oops! I needed to let my hair down and boy did I do that. Yesterday we pretty much chilled in bed and hung out which was one of those nice moments where you know you love someone. Today we woke up and carpe’d the fuck out of the diem with Brax in tow. The vege markets had the best spread ever and afterwards Brax went bananas at the dog beach then later at the dog park. I am going to miss my weekends with him coz he’s so great and I’m cool with being unbiased about it.

We even had sun today, guys. It was so bloody nice. I wish I was feeling the body love for myself to get in my togs and go for a swim. A storm is heading our way overnight so I’m stoked we got some vitamin D. I haven’t taken my meds in 2 days so it must’ve done something?

This week I swear I’m getting back into fitness. By the looks of it I’ll need to be my own motivation but that I can do! I’m thinking of doing 3-5 times a week to start. I say 3-5 coz it can sometimes depend on what JP is doing etc but 3 minimum and 5 maximum.

Little things: coffee; JP being the real MVP; having some alone time; My Favourite Murder; pretty sunsets; clean sheets; seeing Loki after periods of being away from him; Tony Moly lipsticks; whoever created suncream, caps and sunglasses; gorgeous days getting the washing dry; banter with old school friends; really well cooked fries; having my iPhone screen fixed and my living arrangement always.

Weekly Love


One of my favourite things in the world is when Aimee and I go for a drive and Loki puts his head out of the window. He makes everyone smile with his hair blowing in the wind while he is almost half way out the window. He would be flying if he had his own way.

Anyway, I took a hiatus. I was sick for pretty much a month straight and I’m finally better. I also started fearing what I was writing and didn’t think anything I wrote was good enough. I’ve now got over the fear it’s okay.

This weekend was one of the nicest weekends I’ve had in a while. My dad has gone away and asked JP and I to break Brax out of the kennel in the weekend. Naturally, I was all for it coz I love Brax more than most things. We took him to two different beaches and I hand fed him chicken for being such a good boy. Despite him being massive, he still jumps on my knee and occasionally manages to balance on there long enough for me to cuddle him like I did when he was a puppy.  We had to drop him back at the end of the day which was hard (he’s too big for my place and Lord Loki isn’t a fan) We made pizzas on Saturday night then we went to the Carter Observatory which we both haven’t done in 20 years (!!!) and it was so, so cool. Afterwards we got Scopa hot chocolate and chilled.

My phone screen has been cracked for a while so I also had a social media break which by the way was harder than I thought. I couldn’t sleep last night because I didn’t have a podcast to fall asleep to so today I have been a total zombie. I got my screen fixed today so I’m looking forward to falling asleep to This American Life tonight.

Little things: fitness tights (swore I would never and now im CONVERTED!); JP and his spontaneous nature; Brax ❤️, big cuddles with Loki; The People vs O.J Simpson; JP making up songs about Loki while Loki stands in the door frames being very confused; sleep; having my health back; finally being able to take selfies again; having meals prepped in the freezer; fluffy buttermilk pancakes; having that one day of sun; having some Anna time; having a great boss; coffee and morning scones; being able to renew our lease during this housing crisis; and having Aimee live right next door to me!

Weekly Love


I am truly lucky. This weekend, JP and I roadtripped up to Raglan. We’ve talked about going there for so long so JP asked if I wanted to go and the sweet angel paid for everything. Spending good quality time together when we’ve been together for 3 years is so nice. I never thought that night we met at the pub that we’d be here now! We stopped at Rotorua on the way up for the night and a vicious tummy bug meant I couldn’t really do too much. The next morning we woke up early and explored Raglan. What an amazing place! We are both at that stage that while we love Wellington, we are ready to move somewhere. Not yet but in the next couple of years for sure!

Little things: frozen raspberries; toasted seeds in salads; Dr Libby; having decent amounts of alone time; concerts at the Botanical Gardens; clean sheets; Loki loo and Aimee too!

Weekly Love


On the first at 12:30pm my Great Uncle passed away. This Saturday we said our farewells and it was on end of the nicer funerals I’ve been too. I love learning about my heritage and it’s so fascinating because every time we go to one, I meet someone new in the family. The best story goes to my second cousins caregiver who received a random drunk text from a drunk 16 year old who she stayed in touch with for 4-5 years!

Today was a family day again and I went for a walk around Red Rocks with dad, my step mum and Brax. I haven’t seen him in ages and he let out a big cry when he saw me. He’s over a metre long now and can’t snuggle on my lap anymore (he tried more than once haha!) then we met my step sister and her boyfriend for coffee around the waterfront. JP picked me up after and after lunch we took Loki for a big walk around the Botanical Gardens. I had a good part of the afternoon to myself  before Aimee got home. What I love about living with Aimee is that we hang out next door from each other but when we’re tired we can just pop next door and say g’day if need be. It doesn’t feel exclusive and it’s nice. Back to work this week! After being sick for over 2 weeks I’m looking forward to going back. Next weekend, JP and I are going up to Raglan and Rotorua for the weekend!

Little things: backseat dancing to shake off a shit mood; having eyebrows again thanks to Benefit; frozen raspberries; massive salads; Loki being his cute dorky self; JPs beautiful spontaneous personality (‘I’m coming over and we’re going fishing!’ and his sending me pictures of people’s pets when I’m not there); clean sheets; lemon water; Camelback drink bottles; salty sea water for my sinus’; being home; getting up and doing things; true crime podcasts while I sleep; concerts at the Botanical Gardens again; reading before bed and having my health back!