2014 – year in review


The post I originally wrote is nowhere to be seen. Oopsie!I wanted to log the year anyway because reading back on things is a great way to take stock, see how much I grew and think ‘WHAT WAS I WEARING/THINKING/DOING?!’
2014 was definitely a toughie but I persisted and kept an ‘every thing will work out’ mentality once I’d finished losing my shit. I have found having that mindset especially good during bad bouts of depression.

2015 was welcomed in my drunken arms with a bunch of JPs mates and their ladies and I was so damn greatful to not have to be in the city during the horrible weather.

The good – meeting JP, falling in love & putting my walls down (the man has the patience of a saint!); having my bestie back and two blocks away; having Piri back (after years of promises); having Anna back; working in sales; reading heaps; learning what I do and don’t want to do in life; never giving up; Gilmore Girls marathons; becoming more financially dependent; Feb – April was utter bliss; going back to therapy; asking for what I want; asking for help when I needed it; living with the same people for the 3rd year in a row and cooking lots of delicious food.

The bad: a fair amount of job promiscuity; being broke 95% of the time; doubling my medication (fuck off); ending up with some debt; doing jobs I didn’t enjoy; gaining 10-12kgs and not being able to fit my fave clothes

Hopes for 2015 – get my body back which is conducive to my other plan of going back to my original medication dose, paying off my debt before my 25th birthday in May, and saving for an epic holiday!


2013 – The Year in Review


2013 has been my favourite year thus far. I did a lot of life gardening this year which leaves me with a lovely clean slate for 2014!

Here’s what I did:
– I stopped binge drinking on the regular. Last year ended on a crappy note so the beginning of the year was tough. Mix that with the party crowd and destruction will follow. I will not go into specifics but I was pretty close to ruining everything.
– I stopped being friends with poisonous people. Girls can be mean and well, if you say you are my friend and you bitch about me behind my back then auf wiedersen, pet! I am very happy with the lovely people I have in my life.
– I worked out a lot. The gym took over drinking and after a tough day at work nothing made me happier than an hour of interval training with a sick play list.
– I stopped dwelling on all of the things I couldn’t change. Sure they piss me off but if you can’t change something then you have to be the bigger person and move on.
– I put myself first more which is tough but sometimes you gotta do it!
– I got my braces off! After 8 years me and my train tracks parted ways (derailed?) and I was looking 18 instead of 16. A vast improvement considering I’m 23!

And for my goal progression….
I quickly learnt that if you work all day then smash out 2 hours at the gym you are most likely not going to have the energy to read. In saying that, I did get through 30 odd books. I even got to reread Harry Potter! The gym became my saving grace in the end because after struggling with depression for a long time I was pretty nervous. I came up with a wellness plan I could achieve and that would fit in with my life. I knew I would have to make time to smash out a decent work out, write about things when I’m feeling low and get some perspective, challenge my thoughts, eat better and not drink so much. I’ve been doing just that and after 2-3 years on citalopram I can happily say I am down to taking it once every 3 days. Woohoo! One thing that I am okay with not doing is quitting smoking. When you make changes like going off medication it’s better to keep your vices. As for saving for international travel…..2014 coz I want to get out in 2015!

Albums I loved: Katy Perry – Prism, Tyler, the creator – Wolf, Bangerz – Miley Cyrus, Drake – Nothing was the same, Earl Sweatshirt – Doris, + – Ed Sheeran, Battle Studies – John Mayer, Blue – Joni Mitchell, Nas – Hip hop is dead, In my mind – Pharrell, Odd Future – Vol 2, Sail out – Jhéne Aiko, and most of all Red – Taylor Swift

Best moments: seeing Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran live, any night Michelle and I stayed up all night eating pizza and watching t.v, Aimee moving into town, New Years, meeting 398 new people at work + learning nearly all of their names + turning them into my little brothers and sisters, the long chats with my flat mates about sex and relationships, exploiting happy hour with D.R, getting off medication, Piri coming back and working around the corner from my apartment, any night Aimee and I got on the raz, getting over dudes and my dad slapping my sister in the face with a piece of salami when he slapped my sister in the face with a piece of salami.
– Meeting Richard

Thank you, 2013! You were a blast and I’m excited to see what the New Year will bring!